Horses are very important in my life, I had my first horse when I was 13 years old, which let me decided very early to study about horses and animals as well, I kept going in that field until I ended up with 4 different professional studies ( horse groom, staple manager, trot coach and saddler).20140421_164616

My first post experience :)

Iisalmi, Finland 9.4.2017

I just started my blog today, little bit confusing for the beginning :), but I know that I will get used to it soon.

Sharing my study experience in Savonia, what can I say?, Savonia is a great place to study, I have been studied there about 4 years, got my Bachelor degree of Natural Resources 2013 and now I am planning to get the master degree of my expertise, because I am really interested of developing the natural resource of my Country, I believe that the nature is the best way for devolving the humans life and I am full of hope that my study will help me out to achieve my future goals.